Seung-Jung Park

CardioVascular Research Foundation(CVRF) Chairman

Over the past few decades, cardiology has made remarkable advancements, leading to groundbreaking methods for treating diseases that were previously deemed untreatable, now manageable through simple procedures. These developments contribute to the ultimate goal of extending human life. Recent medical research has transitioned from individual researcher-centric approaches to organized group-focused initiatives. Comprehensive research support, including economic backing, suitable research environments, and human infrastructure, is crucial for conducting excellent research.

Against this backdrop, the CardioVascular Research Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established with the macroscopic goal of contributing to the promotion of human health. The foundation aims to achieve this by educating medical professionals on standardized and up-to-date treatment methods, supporting cutting-edge research in the field of cardiology, and enhancing public awareness of cardiovascular diseases, ultimately benefiting the treatment and prevention of such conditions.

To provide appropriate treatment to patients while maintaining the highest standards, education on standardized treatment methods is essential. Thus, the foundation has been actively involved in various activities related to educating healthcare professionals on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The foundation has organized international academic conferences such as CardioVascular Summit-TCTAP, AP VALVES & STRUCTURAL HAERT, and COMPLEX PCI. These conferences feature lectures and live demonstrations by international experts, allowing participants to acquire practical skills. The foundation aims to overcome the limitations of mere knowledge transmission by providing opportunities for direct participant involvement in demonstrations. Additionally, efforts are made to enhance education through both online and offline platforms., presents in-depth reviews of various cases and the technical aspects of interventions, along with recent research results related to interventional procedures. The website also facilitates quick and diverse access to the latest knowledge and equipment. The foundation is concurrently engaged in publishing educational books for healthcare professionals, releasing major reference books related to cardiology annually, both domestically and internationally.

As an alternative approach to medical education, the foundation collaborates with leading heart centers worldwide, including Asan Medical Center, to operate a fellowship program for cardiac specialists. This program invites specialists to collaborate with global experts, providing practical education beyond theoretical learning. During the fellowship, active participation in clinical research is encouraged, benefiting the academic achievements of participants and contributing to collaborative research with their affiliated centers.

The foundation places a significant emphasis on supporting research for new technologies and treatment methods. Given the current environment of large-scale, capital-intensive clinical trials, the foundation aims to provide both academic and financial support to creative young researchers. Simultaneously, it operates core research laboratories, establishes collaborations with clinical research centers, and provides financial support for promising research topics.

The foundation actively seeks support to promote cardiovascular disease research and supports various foundation activities. Considering domestic and international conditions, the field of cardiology is expected to continue developing rapidly, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The foundation hopes to play a central role in these changes.

Sincere thanks are extended to all those who support our CardioVascular Research Foundation

CardioVascular Research Foundation(CVRF)
Chairman Seung-Jung Park